We have developed DisclosureWise™ over a decade to fine-tune it to the needs of a select group of fund managers. Following is a list of our top features.

Smart Rules Engine

  • Determine all countries and exchanges the issuer is listed or incorporated
  • Apply appropriate lists such as SFC Short List, or ESMA FIRDS or FCA Reportable Database
  • Apply exemptions for third-country issuers as per regulatory databases
  • Map tickers and ISIN as appropriate
  • Handle instruments such as Depository Receipts, and Swaps
  • Calculate thresholds based on shares outstanding or market value, depending on the jurisdiction
  • Utilise correct class(es) of shares outstanding in the denominator, as per regulations for the reporting jurisdiction
  • Take the trading holidays into account for both the date on which reportable and the date for which reportable
  • And many more smart features to enable accurate processing

Direct Disclosures

  • We disclose directly to all global regulators with short disclosure requirements on behalf of our clients
  • Multiple channels depending on the jurisdiction
  • Receive email confirmations (depending on the jurisdiction)
  • Highly experienced staff monitoring around the clock
  • Round the clock Operational hours from Monday morning to Saturday morning

Best In Class Shares Outstanding

Do you trust your shares outstanding data? no? you are not alone. The accuracy of shares outstanding is the single biggest issue that fund managers face. Not a single data vendor provides accuracy across the board. We have developed our own proprietary software and process to ensure that our shares outstanding data is best in class.

  • Dedicated team to monitor the issuers and their shares outstanding on an ongoing basis
  • Shares outstanding checks prior to all submissions (in the EU)
  • The optional ability for the client to send their shares outstanding (for reconciliation reporting)
  • Correctly capture Unlisted Shares and class them separately from listed shares - the Achilles heel of data vendors

No-Nonsense Web Interface

  • Manage or set up your reporting entities
  • Change configuration, request new reporting jurisdictions
  • Submit positions
  • Search your current and historical positions
  • Export position data to Excel
  • Generate Audit reports
  • Download disclosures for your reference
  • Access Support 

Multiple Submission Methods

  • Submit a straight forward file via the web
  • Set up recurring positions once online to avoid daily work
  • Bring up positions for the last trading day and re-submit after review and change, as appropriate
  • Automate using SFTP, or Web Services API
  • Or just manually punch in your positions via the web if that takes your fancy.


  • Ability to automate via your OMS, see a list of world-leading systems that already integrate with us
  • Choose between Secure File Transfer (SFTP), or Web Services API 
  • Receive automation upload status emails
  • Set up reminder emails in case we do not receive a file from your system by a given time
  • One file to rule them all - a single file format that will let your report in a single jurisdiction or all jurisdictions without any modifications 

Smart Closeouts

  • Ability to automatically determine if a position has been closed out
  • Generate disclosure events from Auto Close Outs
  • Receive email notifications of Auto Close Outs and manage via the web if need be


  • Round the clock Support
  • Daily and direct liaison with regulators